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Review: Laniege water sleeping pack!

Something that I've been hearing more and more of on blogs and youtube...the Laneige water sleeping pack mask!

I've actually been using this for more than 2 years...before it was advertised in Singapore if I recall properly. I bought mine on silkair flights when they weren't available locally yet. I think I've gone through 3 tubs now...the third and now fourth have new (and nicer) packaging!

They remind me of a similar products Za, Neutrogena, Biotherm and Estee Lauder have...these gel like mask are meant for hydration of the skin. They can help perk up dull looking skin but don't have any strong long-term effects such as whitening or anti-aging.

Continue below for the review!

Laneige water sleeping pack mask....

Laneige water sleeping pack mask....for all skin types!
It uses snow water for hydrating and perking up the skin...
To be worn overnight, for hydration and brightening the skin, free of alcohol and made in Korea...
The box is covered with reflective navy blue snow flakes!
Straightforward details on the outside....


The box it comes in is simple and informative, although the product is Korean everything important is in english. I believe there were separate instructions inserted inside although I don't remember anything specific. The tub is very sturdy hard plastic, different from the old packaging there's a clear outer layer all over which has a clear sort of water effect that goes with the theme of the line of products.

Although some people don't find tubs hygienic, I always use clean fingers and don't have an issue with tubs. It's a good size and I've had no troubles even though I've dropped this a couple times too!

If you shake the tub the gel stick to the roof of the cap....

Clean, spring water scent, a light aqua color, cool to touch, it has a thin gel texture....
You need a small amount for an even spread....

Feels lightweight, cold and dries quickly...


 Firstly, I don't remember the exact instructions but from my knowing and use, this should be applied on a clean face or I think onto of normal night time products in a thin layer all over the face and neck. Then you should sleep with this on and wash it off in the morning.

The sleeping pack has a lovely water gel consistency, it's light and cold when applied onto the face, when dry to touch it has a thin soft film texture, it dries transparent. You need to smallest amount to get an even spread all over the face and neck.

I apply this on either a clean face with no night products or over my moisturizer and serums. In the morning...all my fine lines around my mouth, under my eyes and dry patches are either gone or smoothened out. Dry areas especially are very well combated with this mask and in the morning my face feels like silk. 

I don't use this on a routine, just when ever my skin feels like it needs that boost or moisture which hasn't been too often recently. I think this really has helped on the days my skin is tired and I've got puffy eyes. The cold sensation really is soothing and I've had no irritation from the mask even with sensitive skin.

Paid: $S 55-59 on board silkair ($43-$46 USD) 

Repurchase: Yes, totally would although I'm interested in trying a less expensive alternative, which there are plenty of! 

Recommend: Yes, if you have from oily, combination, sensitive, normal or dry skin...pretty much all skin types I'd recommend this for a boost, a perk for the skin. Unless your skin is suffering from something serious such as very bad acne or very very dry or extreme sensitivity this would make a great easy to use remedy for fresh soothed skin.

Bottom Line: I love how this is fool proof, it really does soften fine lines, heal dry patches completely and make the skin feel so fresh and soft the next day. It's a short term fix like most masks and is meant for hydration. I'd buy this again but there are so many other brands selling the same thing, I'll like to try something else next time!

Have you tried water gel masks? Laneige products? 
Let me know what you use to perk up dull skin!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks! 

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  1. I've only tried one from Bio essence and it was great! I do have samples of this, I believe.. Must dig it out to try




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