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Review: Clinique Full Potential Lips Plump & Shine mini duos (duty free only/ swatches!))

It's my last semester in highschool, yipeee! Can't wait to get out but I'm definitely going to be missing somethings!

This I picked up for the second time. I first bought this exact set in Korea 3 years ago and then again a year later in the duty free in Italy. It's only sold in duty free but I've seen a few sites carrying this.

They are mini versions of Clinique's full potential plump & shine glosses, they are so useful to have and come in very wearable shades!

Note: There's one duo missing from this photo directly below. I've got a photo of all five near the end of the post. (it was a duo that went missing, it was old and ready to be thrown out! )

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Clinique full potential lips plump & shine mini duo lipgloss set! Duty free only!

Straight sponge applicator with a slanted tip, it picks up and spreads gloss real good.

How it's packaged when brand new (not my pic)
06 Mimosa Bloom & 03 Glamourfull
  • Mimosa Bloom is a medium rose w/ gold shimmer 
  • Glamourfull is a warm medium chocolate brown w/gold shimmer
08 Play-full Plump & 09 Cherry Bomb
  • Play-full Plump is a sheer icy pink w/fine multi reflect shimmer
  • Cherry Bomb is a light cherry w/fine multi reflect shimmer
02 Peach Plump & 05 Ripest Apricot
  • Peach Plump is a sheer brown w/fine multi reflect shimmer
  • Ripest Apricot is a light golden brown w/golden shimmer
07 Sooo Pink & 19 Pink Aplenty
  • Sooo Pink is a solid bubble gum pink w/ fine multi reflect shimmer
  • Pink Aplenty is a browny berry w/fine multi reflect shimmer

Swatch Note: There are only 4 sets of swatches, 1 is missing. I had thrown out the missing one!

Clinique full potential lips plump & shine mini duo lipgloss cool natural light....

Shades:  09 Cherry Bomb & 08 Play-full Plump, 02 Peach Plump & 05 Ripest Apricot,  19 Pink Aplenty & 07 Sooo Pink, 03 Glamourfull & 06 Mimosa Bloom

Clinique full potential lips plump & shine mini duo lipgloss warm toned natural light.

Photo of all 5 duos, the one on the extreme right is the missing duo!

Packaging and Product!

I have no issues with the clear plastic box it comes in, more easily recycled I guess. The duos are packaged fantastically...There's no issue with getting gloss out of the tube, the wand is more or less regular sized and the clear tubes allow for easily picking out the color you want. 

One issue is like a lot of glosses where the applicator does not reach the bottom of the tube so you may need to stand the tube upside if you've reached near the bottom.

Another sort of big issue for me is that with products that have two ends (especially mascara) I've learned that storing them standing up causes the upside down side to clump up and become a big funny over time. I'm not sure about lip glosses but if you don't use them for a while and leave them standing the color separates and thickens.

The formula for these I enjoy, they are fairly thick but not as thick as the (clinique longwear lipglosses I've reviewed here). They are more tacky than thick which helps to keep them from bleeding or running but yet they feel smooth on the lips. The glitter/shimmer bits are fine and mostly golden or multi-reflect, they aren't very noticeable and add nice dimension on the lips.

There's no particular smell or taste to these and I find the color selection in this set very nice. All the colors are wearable with lighter to solid medium shades.

Note: I don't believe I took a photo of the missing duo, although there are five tubes in each photo! Very confusing, sorry!

Paid: Between $S 40/50 ( $30- $40 USD)

Recommend: Yes, if you don't use huge amounts, are just starting out or need something easy to bring around these would be great.

Repurchase: Totally, singles of a few of these colors such as cherry bomb, pink aplenty and mimosa bloom. I may even consider the whole set!

Bottom Line: The set provides great shades for most skin tones and they are colors that are versatile. These are great to bring around and they stay put on the lips for longer than average and are very glossy! This would make a great gift for yourself or anyone else!

I'd give this a 4/5!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!

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