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Holiday Special: Day 5 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)

Day 5 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! It's been a long time coming since I wrote about my trip to Phuket last year. Day 5 was nothing but a day full of feasting from the time we woke up till the time we went to bed! 

I had searched in advanced about the top places serving a fancier sunday brunch and settled on Twinpalms Resort which is one of the higher end resorts in Phuket which was about a 30-45 minute drive away from the area we were staying in. The day took a fun turn when we ended up at a cat cafe in the afternoon for about 2 hours before exploring an open market street in town.

Continue below for the food and cat filled day!
Holiday Special: Day 5 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)
At the lobby of Twinpalms! My simple outfit for brunching and a day out in town!
Starting brunch off with a bottle of rose!
Help yourself and make your own DIY bloody mary!
The lovely cold salads and appetizer items!
Raw and cooked vegetable ingredients and plenty of condiments for those who want to make a salad or just nibble on healthy sides!
A bread corner!

Nuts, dried fruit and grapes to go with the cheeses!
The small dessert section! The chocolate tower definitely is the center of attention!
The carvery section! Lamb, roast beef, pork and chicken!
Foie gras stuffed ravioli! Cooked to order!
Raclette cheese with parma ham and all the fixings!
Cooked seafood on ice!
The sashimi and sushi bar!
My starter plate! The sushi was so utterly fresh!
My boyfriends' cheese platter!
A slice of deliciously thin crust cheesy pizza, roast lamb and a pepper and bearnaise sauce!
The freshest sweet shrimp and clam sashimi! First time trying clam raw!
Salty, nutty, melted raclette cheese paired perfectly with parma, melon, broccoli and cornichons!
My cheese course with lots of dried dates and figs!
Foie gras ravioli with seared scallop and demi glace!
Trying a selection of the desserts! Unfortunately the desserts were a let down except for the chocolate foundation and mango and sticky rice.
Chocolate, chocolate and a small spoon of creme brulee!
House made sorbet and ice cream to the rescue! Passion fruit and chocolate! This was great!
Complementary fruit shisa!
Cat cafe time! This cafe was split into an only dining and a cat area where you can also enjoy drinks and desserts!
Check out all the flaffy and gorgeous cats!
Just look at that face!
Just sitting and watching the world pass by!
This fella really enjoyed being rubbed!
I think I was being judged for my rubbing technique!
A pandan crepe cake!
Why hello!
A lady near by shared her table with a cat which didn't move for the whole two hours we were there!
Crossed legged and cross looking!
Curled up and snoozing!
Deep in thought!
Sleepy head!
This beauty only emerged when we were about to leave!
Lard Yai or the sunday walking street market!
Fancy popcorn!
Freshly made refreshing drinks!
Delicious artisan coffee!
Colorful shutters!
Artists and their works!
Unique pottery pieces!
Lots of jewelry made with fresh water pearls and crystals!
Beautifully carved candles and soaps!
Super hyper graphic dog and cat cushions and pouches!
All kinds of cartoon key chains and small plushies!
Delicate paper cut 3D cards!
Color thai mung bean dessert! Love all the different vegetable/fruit shapes they come in!
Delicious fried sausage and prawn fritters!
Street food style fried dessert roti!
Giant vats of chilli sauces and other condiments!
Nuts and fresh jack fruit!
Sticks of deep fried porky goodness!
Deep fried meats and baby crabs!
An instant noodle shop offering up yummy fresh toppings to add in!
A cauldron of hot and sour soup!
Deep fried bugs anyone?
Pirate and cat decorated pottery!
I matched this vintage ride so I had to have this photo taken!
Mocktails galore!
Refreshing blue drink!
Handy craft jewelry with fresh water pearls!
Super delicious grilled fermented northern thai sausage!
Crispy pork rice!
Cockles and river snails!
Stuffed grilled squids!
Our feast of take away food from the market! Loads of crispy pork, rice, grilled fermented sausage, pad thai, rolls, crispy crab, boiled river snails! Yes, there was left over from dinner!

So that was our fifth day in Phuket! Nothing but food, checking out the walking street market and then returning home to have our dinner slowly while watching tv to relax!

Have you ever visited a cat cafe or the Sunday walking street market?
Would you like to visit Phuket, Thailand?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!

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  1. That was a really adventurous and foodie holiday in Phuket. I would be going to Patong, Phuket this year end. Could not wait for it to start.




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