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Food Post: Things eaten out and made at home! (Sept/Oct 2016)

Nomming All Day Long! That should be my rap tag line, "Nomming all day long!". For those who may not have noticed I haven't done monthly collective food posts like this consistently in a while so I've been finally getting back on track and damn do I have a lot of nice things to share with ya'll! The last few months were both filled with eating my favorites as well as some new things and revisiting places I've loved but haven't been back to in a while!

If you'd like a photographic induced food coma, please go right ahead and scroll through this delicious and colorful post!

Continue below for things eaten the last two months!
Food Post: Things eaten out and made at home! Home made thai food, pizza, Dian Xiao Er, Ichiban Boshi, Matcha Cafe and more!
Mee rebus! My favorite yellow egg noodles in the delicious sweet, savory gravy that I can never get enough of! I rarely eat all the gravy or soup in dishes but I wipe this one clean!
A pork and prawn katsu set on a bed of shredded cabbage salad, some boiled veggies, pickles, soup and rice!
My boyfriend and I eating at our favorite China chinese restaurant! Two types of tripe salad, spare ribs and fried rice!
Xiao long bao, noodles, tripe salad and ribs again!
Yong tau fu at my favorite stall! They re-fry the crispy stuff and also serve cheong fan which I love!
About to dig into my paper dosai and a tom yum soup!
Dim sum at a very popular established eatery! Delicious xiao long baos, crispy squid tentacles that are so crisp and well seasoned, the cheong fan deliciously tender and rolls with chives inside!
A whole of mixed beef pho at Nam Nam Noodle bar! Love their crispy imperial pork spring rolls! Also I had a glass of sugarcane juice too!
An iced coffee and hot cappuccino and a deliciously fudgey piece of chocolate cake!
Home made vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches with pate, foie gras, ham, coriander, pickled raddish and carrots and toasted baguette! So much better than most of the ones you get here at restaurants!
Lunch at a coffee shop with the parents, fried rice, tender kai lan and hot plate deer meat with scallions!
A hot bowl of rice with unagi and egg, tempura and a salad! So delicious and filling!
Home made beer battered fish, shrimps and chips at my boyfriends house! Served with lemon mayo!
McDonald's breakfast! A big meal and a muffin! I brought home the muffin from the meal and gave the sausage to my boyfriend though! Ate up all that syrup with my pancakes!
Hot off our BBQ! Home made garlic bread, BBQ marinated chicken wings and spicy and sweet korean style pork belly!
Mini melts style ice cream back in Singapore after many years hiatus!
Look at all those flavors and colors! So fun and yummy!
We got a mix of cookies and cream and a bubble gum flavor! Both were equally good! Loved the plastic cap shaped container!
A gorgeous sausage platter and salad with yummy dark beer! We couldn't finish all the sauerkraut and pan fried potatoes although it was all delicious!
A somewhat disappointing lava cake only because it was quite small and came with a pricey tag just for a little bit of a chocolate drink and sauce!
My boyfriend's and I's favorite grilled fish set! The meat is deliciously fresh, sweet, tender and clean, with a gorgeous salad too!
An assortment of cakes my mom bought for me when I got back after my birthday holiday to Bali!
A delicious tempura and green tea soba set I had! Too bad the noodles were too soft but the tempura beautiful!
My boyfriend's tonkatsu set!
A huge range of beautiful sushis and makis at Punggol Waterway Point!
So many delicious options! I'm always so tempted to buy like 4 trays at once but we just had lunch so I didn't get any!
Home made pizza dough by my boyfriend! For two delicious pizzas!
All the ingredients for our pizzas! Sausage meat, scallops, prawns, mushrooms, onions, asparagus, pineapple, peppers, salami and cheese!
Rolling out that dough! It's really fun to do this!
Our half and half pizza, one side with sausage, onion and salami, the other with all the vegetable and sausage!
First time making a seafood pizza! Scallops, prawns and asparagus! So glad we tried this out!
Both pizzas out of the oven! Both so crisp and delicious! These fed 5 people but could easily feed 6 or up to 8 children!
Red wine infused foie gras on gorgeous crusty good bread and a balsamic glaze! Such a treat!
The most delicious home made pork balls! Well seasoned made with ground pork, panko, carrots, onions and then pan fried till crisp on the outside!
Served with spaghetti, home made sauce and baby asparagus!
A sweet plate of mee siam noodles! It wasn't spicy at all despite looking so red!
Stir fried morning glory aka water spinach with sambal! So yummy!
Some of the best roat duck with a delicious savory, sweet and slightly herbal infused sauce!
The best cereal fried prawns in Singapore...big juicy prawns, lots of crispy fragrant cereal and not greasy at all!
The spread my family shared for lunch with 2 lunch set specials that include their specialty roast duck with two other dishes, the cereal prawn was an addition and is my favorite!
Chilli oil spaghetti with prawns, onions and garlic!

Home made thai style chicken and pineapple fried rice!
Such delicious and authentic tasting pineapple fried rice! It usually isn't very good here and making it is so easy!
A bowl of zha jiang mian! The sauce was not tasty enough although the noodles were lovely!
Delicious xiao long bao with a slightly seafood tasting broth! Very interesting!
Fried wrapped meat dumplings! So crispy, tasty and perfection! I could eat a whole bowl filled with these!

A green tea "cheese cake", it was more like a layered cream cheese pudding, there wasn't actually any cake!
Matcha lattes! One with a scoop of matcha ice cream and one with a soft serve!
So there we go! My favorites have to be the seafood pizza and home made meat balls! I love making things that I've already enjoyed again and again but doing them a bit different always makes for new discoveries! Also it was great to catch up with my girlfriend whom I hadn't seen in a while over the noodles, dumplings and matcha drinks!

Are you in the mood for seafood pizza?
How about matcha lattes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Drooling all over again! I love your food posts as much as your beauty posts Sharlynn.

  2. Always love your round-up of makan shots! Only complaint: it makes me so hungry! Happy holidays, dear! xoxo




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