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Special: Ramadan 2016 Visiting the Geylang Serai Bazaar!

Belated Ramadan Bazaar Post! Every year it is a tradition for my boyfriend and I to visit the large bazaar that pops up for a month long at Geylang Serai which is next to/ around Paya Lebar MRT. This bazaar coincides with the monthly fast which many muslims do every year. The stalls mostly open from noon to midnight as the fast breaks around 7pm here in Singapore and that's usually around the peak amount of people getting food and drinks. Ever since I visited this bazaar back in 2012, I've made it a point to return multiple times every year since as there are usually new stalls selling new trending things.

Continue below for the many visits to the bazaar!

Special: Ramadan 2016 Visiting the Geylang Serai Bazaar!
Getting ready to head to the bazaar! I wore eyeliner, blush and lip tint and that's it because it is always SOOOO HOT at the bazaar and you sweat like crazy. This was back in June when I started growing my fringe out.
This year the bazaar is sprawled all around the streets around Paya Lebar MRT instead of being a huge tent next to the MRT due to construction works. I believe business for some stalls aren't as good as before but the spacing makes it better for people visiting as it's no where as crammed.
One of the first blocks of stalls! Never ending amounts of fried snacks and goodies!
Lots of new clothes! Traditional malay and muslim outfits for their celebrations!
The long line for this new drink shop!
Hot dogs, cheese and chilli fries and more!
Tako Yaki! I didn't care to buy any as they were made too far in advanced and barely had any fillings inside than a few pieces of octopus and nothing else.
A new stall this year! Corn dogs and other small fried items!
As usually always got to dig into a classic beef ramly burger! Fresh, piping hot and yummy!
All sorts of canned and bottled flavored drinks!
Deng Deng! Aka the halal or muslim version of BBQ pork jerky in Singapore. It's really delicious though and has the texture of a compressed sausage! Much chewier and softer than the chinese pork version!
My boyfriend waiting for deep fried chicken bits! We like to get gizzard, liver and hearts! All batter coated and delicious!
The beef deng deng! So soft and yummy!
The super yummy stick of chicken innards! The flavor was shockingly different from different stalls! One definitely tastier than another.
This one stall sold inspiration and fun creative signboards and plaques!
Mixed churros from the famous brand called Loco Loco. Original, red velvet, pandan and oreo!
The thai iced tea from this stall was excellent! Strong and not too sweet, however their churros were TERRIBLE. The dough was all wrong and it was solid like a compressed baguette.
The thai iced tea! It's become a hugely popular drink in singapore, if you haven't tried it yet, you should!
The super packed crowd inside of the of bigger tents at the bazaar! It's super hot inside the tents as well so everyone is sweating away!
Crispy battered squid bits with salt, pepper and chilli powder! So tasty!
Frozen yogurt with sunflower seeds and chocolate chips!
A shop that's known for selling mocktails and rainbow bagels!
This shop sells thai iced green tea and regular tea, coffee as well as three types of milkshakes and sticky rice and mango!
A stall selling one dollar snacks like cotton candy, popcorn and a few other types of crunchy bits!
Besides all the food, there are lots of stalls selling children's toys too! So much nostalgic kiddie goods!
A bunch of small bags and fans! I got a pretty cloth fan for $2!
One of several snack shops! Lots of fried local types of chips and local biscuits and sweets!
A faux flower shop!
All those huge bags of chips are soooo tempting!
Lots of gorgeous plants on sale!
Enjoying thai tea milk tea and green tea!
Ice cream rolls and fried oreos!
The best beef kebab from this stall! Loved the soft warm wrap and sauce!
Coconut shakes and drinks!
Chilli cheese dogs and grilled whole quails!
Our ice cream rolls being made! We chose strawberry and oreo!
Not bad but nothing amazing, we wouldn't get another.
Drinks with cotton candy! A new bazaar items that's popular and fun to look at!
The night lights with the streets around all decorated and colorfully lit up!
Lots of fun children's panties! All those cartoons and color!
Mega sized flavored drinks seem to be a huge trend this year, they are usually topped with ice creams, sauces and all the terrible things for you!
My favorite drink stall because they sold fresh coconut juice bottled up!
Chewy vanilla turkish ice cream! Had to tackle the ice cream guy to get the little cute cone!
Although about half of the bazaar is dedicated to food, there are  also shops selling jewelry, make up and clothes!
Lots of cheap make up and jewelry!
Lots of BBQ items with a sweet savory sauce.
Deep fried chicken skins! Soooo good!
Pallets upon pallets of buns delivered for the stalls for their burgers!
A drink stall that was super popular serving watermelon slushie inside a watermelon!
That thick crowd all the way down the road? Yeah 90% of them were in the line for the watermelon volcano stall!
A new indian street food stall selling delicious stuff! I ordered puris!
Delicious light, crunchy puris with spicy mint yoghurt sauce!

Dutch Poffertjes pancakes with icing sugar and chocolate sauce! So light and delicious! I could eat a mountain of these!

So that's my tour of the yearly Geylang Serai Bazaar! My boyfriend and I probably made 3 trips down in the evening and ate different things each time. I spent waaaay too much on snacks and street food items which total up to be A LOT when you're on an eating spree like myself! I'm really glad we tried a bunch of new things this year which was great. Looking forward to next year!

Are you a fan of visiting food bazaars?
Like any of the snacks I featured?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!

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  1. Wow everything looks so cool and delicious! I wish we had things as adventurous as this in North America




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