Sunday, 11 September 2016

Date night with japanese lunch, pizza and churros!

Fresh Pizza, Fresh Churros! This post has been long delayed! It's from a date night I had with the boyfriend back in December. It was the first day I wore my teal sequin top from HnM which I love and actually have the matching skirt to! There's just something about shiney teal that I just LOVE. I recently spotted a bomber jacket with this same finish and color and I'm sooooo tempted to get it for a crazy shiney all inclusive teal outfit! The night from this post was when I finally tried an old Italian restaurant not far from my boyfriend's home which is nowhere near where I live and their wood fire oven pizza was so damn good!

Continue below for the fresh and yummy date dinner!
Date night with japanese lunch, wood fired pizza and fresh churros!

Lunch at our favorite Japanese cafes Nakajima Suisan grilled fish!
I had the Unagi set! So tender and yummy!
The orange roughy fish Nakajima Suisan grilled fish! I can't remember the Japanese name but this fish has a sweet, flaky, smooth meat similar to cod but not as fatty.
Getting dessert afterwards! Checking out the freshly made churros at Churro 101! Love the texture of their churros!
Waiting and watching your churro get fried!
Their straight forward churro menu! They also serve soft serve to go with the churros! I love their classic cinnamon and custard cream filled churro!
Churro order being freshly deep fried! Love watching them turn golden brown!
Our cinnamon sugar churro from churro 101, hot, crisp, chewy and so damn good!
Posing with my gorgeous fresh churro before digging in!
Seafood cream penne! Lots of seafood bits and a good creamy sauce with chewy pasta, if only the sauce was a bit more seasoned!
I ordered a very classic pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil! If only there was more basil but holy cow, this pizza was amazing!
Our dinner! Pasta and pizza! Fresh and super yummy and made by an Italian which is not the case with the casual 'Italian' eateries here.
The bottom of the best pizza I've had, wood fired pizzas aren't cheap in singapore and cost the same as a high end dish in the US from what I've been told but damn, the crust itself was perfection!
Finally nothing like ending a yummy day with a Singapore Sling by the side of the road on a windy night!
Leaving you with a derpy photo of me munching on my hot and fresh churro!

It's been a bit of struggle trying to keep my blog updated the last few months with my heavy work schedule but finally I've been getting better. I'm super back logged with posts I want to write and reviews and no worries it will all come out eventually on my little blog here!

When was the last time you had wood fired pizza?
Do you love churros too?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That pizza looks so good!! That teal shirt is cute!

  2. Event from last December? BRUH. SHINY SEQUINED TEAL TOP? YASSS.
    For a moment, these photos confused me because I was like, "What kind of Italian place serves Japanese food as well??" but that's one massive pizza. I think the last time I had a wood fired pizza was this summer(?)(or my birthday), since it is kinda inexpensive here given the cultural diversity here. There's actually a great authentic Italian place near me that does great pizzas!




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