Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mini Haul: Yankee Candles!

Sweet indulgent scents from Yankee Candle! I've seen plenty of review of candles scented and colored and all from girls in the UK and the States all the time. Raving about mango scented, gingerbread, cupcake scented...so many food inspired smells!

Personally I have next to none candles, these sorts of things are very miscellaneous and not something I look into or invest in. However after trying a small version of the Midnight Jasmine scent from them last year I decided to drop into their shop again earlier this year!

Continue below for the haul and review! 
Yankee Candles in 22 OZ Midnight Jasmine and mini trio pack! (Garden Sweet Pea, Pink Sands, Turquoise sky)
After having finished an entire of the smallest glass bottle version, I decided to go all out and buy their biggest size which is an American 22 OZ. This is huge for a candle but I just love the scent so much and have it lighted for a few hours each week!
Having taken a good look around the shop and speaking for a very long time with the sales girl I decided on a mini trio pack of scents that I tried individually. I'm so into sweet fresh scents!
This is what I mean by finishing up my mini! It's tiny next to this huge one but I' already a quarter way through my giant Jasmine candle! No regrets on getting this huge size!
TS: A strong bathroom clean scent with a hint of soapy sweetness. PS: An overall bubble candy sweet scent, not overpowering. GSP: A slightly floral sweetness, very fresh.
For these smaller minis, you need to get a glass holder to contain them while burning!

Paid: $49.90 SGD for the large glass jar candle and $9.90 for the trio!

Recommend: Yes! To those who both love natural floral, sweet scents and also strong pungent food type smells like cookies, ginger and cake they have it all!

Repurchase: Yes! But I probably will get different scents for sure! Sometime even lighter next time I think!

Do you have any scented candles at home?
What type of scents do you like?
Let me know!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I've always heard good things about Yankee candles and I've smelled a few of them in random shops - the scents are truly lovely. The massive candle is a bit of an investment but I'm sure it's worth it for so many hours of burn time and the fragrance it imparts :)

  2. I love candles and those scents, good choice!

  3. I have tried some yankee candles before and I love them! but as my bf is probably the most careles person in the world, the idea of burning candles in the same room with him is very dangerous. lol
    I know scented candles like this one should be very safe, but I am sometimes nervous I might forget to blow it off before leaving the appartment. that's why i prefer room perfume instead of candles ^^

  4. Wow that really is huge! At least it will last you a lifetime haha I bet they all smell delicious! xx

  5. love them! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/




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