Tuesday, 21 August 2012

July 2012: Food Finale (Warning! Too much yummy food!)

I meant to upload these in various posts, however it only seems appropriate to create and almost porn like food mesh-up of all these delicious bits and pieces just for your viewing pleasures! Mwahaha!

Give me tasty, hot food and watch it dissapear, here are meal eaten outside, at foodcourts, restaurants, at the beach, at home, at cafes and everywhere in between.

PS: A thousand apologies to my followers! I've been so busy with work, and also being away from my laptops for some days without internet! I miss posting more frequently and will prepare more in advance on my days off!

Continue below to proceed drooling!

Food shots! (Fried carrot cake, dim sum, bim bim bab, seafood risotto, pork chop and spinach, sashimi, fried tofu, steamed fish head and sweet potato leaves and sambal chilli!
Fried carrot cake: Eaten at the food stalls outside ang mo kio hub, it's a few dollars a plate for either the white or black kind, very well made, tasty and filling.

Seafood risotto: Eaten at Angus steak house, it was mildly flavored

Steamed fish head with fried chai po toppings & sweet potato leaves: Eaten at chinatown food centre, amazingly flavourful and fresh. The fish is plain but the sauce and cripsy toppings create a great balance. Chilli in the vegetable dish was just nice, not too spicy and not too much dried prawns.

Food shots! (fresh coconut and sugar cane juice, duck with tofu and organs, satay, kang kong with sambal chilli, fried oyster omelette, putu pering, goreng pisang, japanese set meals!
Juices: Fresh, sweet, especially the sugar cane! Fresh young coconuts are the ones with the soft yummy flesh! Eaten at east coast food centre!

Duck rice, satay, kang kong and oyster omelette: Also eaten at east coast food centre the duck rice was okay, not amazing, the kang kong with sambal was very rich and tasty, the chilli fresh and so tasty with rice. The omelette was great too, the egg however could've been a bit more crisp on the edges otherwise well done.

Putu pering and goren pisang: Bought at Haig street near east coast, the putu pering is made of flour, palm sugar and coconut, it's hot and delicious when first bought. The goreng pisa was made using pisang raja or (king banana), cripsy not soggy, it was great fresh!

Japanese meal sets: Eaten at the food hall in Takashimaya, the food is very tasty and in nice small portions. Depending on your set, you choose the type of rice which comes in a few varieties which are all yummy!

Food shots! (popiah rolls, salad, porridge, chi keuh, mixed rice dishes, indian rojak, chicken curry, sushi)
 Popiah rolls: From Thomson plaza, the food stall has been selling these since I was born and their laksa is amazing!

Food shots! (Prawn paste fried chicken, black bean sauce steamed fish head, corn ice cream sandwich, desserts!)
 Steamed fish head and fried chicken: These are just so good from the stall on the second floor at china town food centre. Fresh and flavorful, nothing better than white fish with a salty sauce and a hot bowl of rice.

Corn ice cream with waffers: Found sold mostly by old men/women in singapore at designated carts around town, ice cream is sliced and sold in waffers or bread!

Fishball noodles in Ang Mo Kio: The line was so long, dad and I thought we'd try...incredible yummy, a very heart bowl of the classic 'mee pok' noodles. I loved it. Accompanyed by fresh sugar cane juice!

Duck, fried intestines and tofu: The traditional soya sauce stewed meats and sides to porridge, guilty but delicious, I think all asians must try this, it's part of food culture!

Veggie pasta: Home made, yellow tomatoes are so sweet, with black beans and egg plant, makes for a simple yummy dish!

Chicken chop and saffron rice: Home made dinner by mom, soya marinated with rasisin and saffron rice!

Dinner at Angus Steak & Grill restaurant: A japanese-western fusion place, we had the minestrone soup, salmon and scallop miso pasta, seafood risotto! Everything was mild and warm, lovely easy food for the stomach!

Roast pork: Fatty and well marbled, fried at high heat, so perfect!

Tea time Japanese food sets in Paragon: Extremely value for money and amazing quality of their soba, this little restaurant specializes in soba noodles.

Broccoli w/scallops and steamed prawns at home!

Fried tofu with thai chilli sauce: One of my favorite styles of tofu...the cripsy outside, soft hot inside and tangy sauce!

Chee cheong fan: steamed rice rolls with a sweet soya sauce, such a yummy dish.

Skinny pizza: Thin crust with prosciutto ham and topped with rocket and arugala and shaved cheddar, gourmet pizza it is!

Rice cakes and bim bim bab: Two korean dishes we had at a restaurant out with the family, not bad but a bit too much of a mix of flavours for me, can't seem to enjoy so many tastes at once!

Anything you see here that you love to eat too?
 I'm just a foodie, pretty much anything tasty goes!
let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I've been so busy with work and have gone internet and laptop-less for sometime too! 

Please stay with me, I've got lots to come!


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    1. Haha, will see you soon and we must catch up over food and drinks! Beer I say!

  2. Ahh everything looks so yummy!
    I think im going to make myself something to eat now haha :P
    Great post ^^ xxx

  3. Ohhhhh myyyyyy. So many delicious meals here! XD

  4. I couldn't not comment on this after seeing all these yummy foods! Literally drooling here.. haha

  5. so much yummy food :D
    I'M HUNGRY NOW! :(

    followed you xx

  6. I'm drooling over all your food pics! Everything looks so good!!

  7. I knew I should not have clicked into this post when I saw your warning, I'M SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW! And it's midnight in Sydney right now. I want me some of that fishball noodles! :P




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