Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer holiday haul: (Bourjois, Bioderma, more!)

A very late haul post of things I picked up in Cambodia when I visited my best friend for her graduation!

I took my chance to pick up bourjois foundations and got to choose a bunch of freebies! (some things are missing from this haul) Finally got to try, use and am loving their foundation.

There's a pharmacy in phnom penh (capital of cambodia) which imports all their medication/skin care, quite a bit from France and a grabbed a couple toners, one from Bioderma for oilier skin!

Everything's been lovely so far! I can't wait to review them!

The make up and skin care products I hauled! Got lots of freebies at Bourjois and picked up lots of skin care from the french pharmacy in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Also couldn't resist grabbing some conditioners that I can't even find in Singapore yet from pantene!

A photo with the very friendly bourjois sales girls outside Bayon supermarket! (I was very tan and bronzey during my visit!)

Some of the make up I got from Boujois! the foundations were about $19 US! I also picked up a Healthy mix serum foundation too!

I went back a second time, got a polish, lip pencil, blush and another shadow! lots of things were freebies for buying the foundations!
My bestfriend, Anna, holding the make up for me!
The name of the beauty counters with Bayon supermaket in phnom penh!
The blush and eyeshadow are so great, soft and easy to wear, the bronzing powder was free, after I talked to the girls about how I make my face darker with make up  they went to find this for me! I thought...why not? It retails for at least $25 in singapore and isn't found anymore...can't hurt!
Goodies from the supermarket and the french pharmacy!

Toners! Bioderma sebium H20, Soskin, ISIS pharma

Elianto make up wipes are pretty awesome.
Bath and body works moisturizer and shimmer...quite interesting, a bit chunky and the shimmer stays on your palms but very scented.

Can't find either pantene conditioners in singapore!
Finally found this in the singapore airport! It's only been recently avaliable and is so difficult to find!

Rejoice fruity smooth conditioner!
Pantene brunette expressions conditioner!

Pantene beautiful lengths frizz control conditioner!

Playboy and adidas deos!

Bioderma Sebium H20 toner!

I've been very satisfied with the skincare/ make up loot from cambodia...the pharmacy is very reputable in the city. The owners speak french and are locals, they have their suppliers and you can purchase lots of medication (painkillers/birth control/ prescriptive meds) without prescriptions at their pharmacy.

I'll be reviewing things to come, sorry, I've been very slow and off blogging recently, I'm in an important application time right now...I'll soon be applying to culinary school and fingers crossed!

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  1. nice haul... i love bourjois too..

    1. Thanks, they are a real underdog of a brand, great stuff always.

  2. What a great haul! We don't have bourjois easily accessible in the US so I have never used this product! I am so glad to see a post from you, welcome back Sharlynn!

    1. Yeah, I'm aware of the fact that they pulled out! If you do travel and get the chance, do pick up the healthy mix foundation to try and their waterproof eye pencils are phenomenal! Thanks, I hope to be posting more regularly again!

  3. oh you got a lot of nice stuffs!! esp the bourjois goodies.. I wonder, do they use US $ in Cambodia? I thought Cambodia has its own currency. pls pardon my horrible knowledge. T.T
    pls send my hello to your best friend,Anna! she looks really sweet :)

    1. Yes, plenty of nice stuff, a lot of freebies as they were having a special on buying the foundations. They've been using US currency for as long as I know, they have a local currency but they use it only for small change! I will let her know! :)

  4. I didn't know Cambodia would have French pharmacy skincare! That's really cool. And OMGSH, you bought so many Bourjois foundations. :P It takes me ages to use one up. I don't blame you though because they are good ^__^. That's so great how you get freebies with your purchase; that never happens here in Australia. Tell us how the Bioderma solution goes. :)

    Also, good luck with culinary school!! xx

    1. They were part of the french colony like vietnam so many of the older locals are french educated and hence the family who runs the pharmacy there! Yes! Many HM foundations! Different shades and also for my mom! I will, I was very glad to find the bioderma toner!

  5. Oh what a great haul! So many Bourjois items and I see you have stocked up on their HM foundation =) I have heard so many great things about the Bioderma makeup remover so I would be interested to know what you think about their toner~

    1. Hehe, yep, it was major hauling. Definitely stocked up, considering it was more affordable. Definitely will be reviewing it in time to come, I thought it's different but a product i'm getting lots of use from. Been working really well so far! :)

  6. So many amazing goodies! I am loving Bourjois at the moment, it's probably my second favourite drugstore brand next to Revlon. I haven't tried the original Healthy Mix foundation, but I heard it's fairly similar to the serum version which I use. I have heard raves about Bourjois bronzing powder, especially the one that looks like a chocolate block :p And we're both fans of Bourjois pot blushes :) I need to buy another bottle of Bioderma ASAP ... mine is about half way through (I have a 250mL bottle) and already the thought of running out is making me anxious lol!

  7. Hi there! Chanced upon your blog as I was planning my itinerary for Cambodia! I'm from Singapore as well! Would you please recommend me some of the places to get pretty and affordable clothes and make up? :) hope it's not too much trouble for you! Great blog btw! Keep it up!!
    You can also email me at

    1. Awesome dude, the places to get medication without prescription and skincare is from the pharmacy called 'de la gare' pronounced ' de la gar' it's the main french pharmacy there...all the locals should know it. There's also a huge beauty hall type place next to the main supermarket called "lucky supermarket". They sell lots of french brand skincare and bourjois make up. At the shopping center in phnom penh called "sorya" pronounced "soria" they sell NYX and revlon.

      Just ask any taxi or moto driver to bring you to "Bayon supermarket" that's where you'll find the bourjois counter I got my stuff from!

      Do visit the 'russian market' for affordable clothes, also some stores called "Export" they sell tons of nice clothes.

      Hope you check back!

  8. Hi!! I'm currently in Phnom Penh right now! Can't seem to find nyx in sorya! Is it in la belle sorya? It'll only be open tomorrow as they're having a holiday today so I didn't get to see what they sell.

  9. I personally haven't bought nyx in sorya, my friends there have however! If you're interested in colorful palettes for real cheap there are plenty at the various counters on the second floor I believe with clothes and make up. la belle is in "bayon supermarket"!

  10. HI! would u mind telling me, how much dose it cost for bioderma sebium h2o 500ml there?

    1. I paid $22 USD for that bottle. I'm not sure if the pharmacy has a consistent stock of this product and size, they only had one bottle on display when I bought it months back.




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