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Review: Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask (Violet, Orange, Jasmine and Rose)!

Flower Fusion! For those mornings, evenings and nights when your skin needs a pick-me-up, facial sheet masks are always a good choice. I personally use sheet masks to prep my skin if it's feeling dry or in the evenings to relax after a long day. 

Today I'll be reviewing the Flower Fusion sheet masks from Origins in four different scents! They are a botanical-infused mask that is meant to address specific skincare needs for immediate results. There is bamboo and pure flower extracts in the masks which is meant to boost moisture levels, refine and soothe tired skin.

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Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask (Violet, Orange, Jasmine and Rose)
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask in Orange (radiance-boosting)
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask in Rose (hydrating)
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask in Jasmine (softening)
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask in Violet (nourishing)
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask instructions! 10 minutes to refreshed skin!

Packaging & Product!

From the moment I laid my eyes on these I have to say that the packaging is really very pretty! As the majority of Origins product packaging is very clean, simple and sophisticated with no patterns the fun floral designs on each scent of sheet mask is definitely very fun and eye-catching. I like how each design on the packaging is based off the scent, so the rose mask is designed with roses and the jasmine mask with jasmine flowers as well as having colors that coordinate with the flower! These details are extremely thoughtful and makes these masks stand out.

In total there are 6 different scents in this line, I have four: Orange (radiance-boosting), Rose (hydrating), Jasmine (softening) and Violet (nourishing)! Firstly I found that the shape of the masks were good and fit nicely without being too large on the openings or unrealistically far or close together. The material of the masks also feels more luxurious than other as it has a thicker and super soft feeling.

Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask in Rose!

In terms of the scents, the rose had a more sweet natural smell than the regular perfume scent many people might be used to. The jasmine had a slightly candied element to the fragrance, the violet an interesting herbal component and orange was light and lovely. 

I followed the instructions, leaving the masks on for at least 10 minutes and while they were on I felt a slight cooling sensation likely due to the essential oil in them. Afterwards my skin definitely looked more hydrated, brighter and felt very soft.

My bare skin looking very radiant after using Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask!
Also feeling very soft and more hydrated after using Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask!
Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Mask (Violet, Orange, Jasmine and Rose)
Paid: Store credit provided by Sephora

Recommend: Yes, if you are a fan of floral scents, you're not sensitive to essential oils and it's in your budget, I would definitely recommend trying out these luxurious face masks!

Repurchase: Yes, I could see myself repurchasing specific scents as gifts for friends! I personally use masks very infrequently so I wouldn't be repurchasing them too soon.

Bottom line: A more luxurious option for sheet masks with its thick and soft texture, if you are a fan of florals, this line of products is perfect for you!

For my readers in Singapore,  feel free to shop for Origins products here!

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