Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Late night supper: Swee Choon Tim Sum!

Supper time with Dim Sum! Some months ago while I was working night shifts at my previous work place I would meet with my boyfriend when I finished at 1:30am in the morning and we'd go have supper. My evening meal break would usually be around 4:30pm or 5pm so I'd be pretty ravenous by then. After going to two places on alternate occasions I decided it was time to look for a new supper spot. Singapore doesn't have too many places open 24 hours or late into the early morning hours so this established old school dim sum house seemed like a great choice.

Continue below for photos from all our yummy suppers!
Late night suppers with dim sum at Swee Choon Tim Sum!
A must order of the classics of har gow and siew mai!
Another favorite xiao long bao which this quaint place makes extremely well! Almost to the standard which I love from Crystal Jade restaurants.
Fried yam dumplings, filled with a savory yam filling and bits of pork.
A childhood favorite of cheong fan! These are filled with juicy crunchy shrimp served with a sweet and salty soy sauce that absorbs!
Cold dish chicken served with a szechuan chilli oil sauce! Tender, spicy and tasty!
A spread from one of our few supper meals we had at Swee Choon Tim Sum! A feast really!
The huge menu at Swee Choon Tim Sum! They serve plenty of dim sum as well as appetizers, some main dishes and desserts too!
Close up! Their pricing isn't exactly cheap but as they serve quite a few dim sum items in servings of 2 pieces it's slightly cheaper than if you were to order at other places for the same amount. Also you can eat more!
Crispy squid tentacles! These are always perfectly crisp and so well seasoned!
Vegetable spring rolls, nothing special unfortunately!
Dumplings in chilli oil and vinegar! Love this type of dish, I always end up putting more black vinegar!
Pork and vegetable filling!
Black bean pork spare ribs, super tender and yummy!
Hot and sour soup! My boyfriend's favorite!
Pan fried dumplings! A good crisp bottom never fails to make me happy!
Egg tarts!
Sweet, soft and yummy! The crust isn't the best but these are still delightful!
Coconut pudding served in a coconut! Super light in flavor and taste like the lightest coconut milk!
Mango, sago pudding with pomelo bits! A classic!

There is my overview of this lovely cheap and good dim sum shop! I hope we go back sometime because the food never lets us down!

When was the last time you had some good dim sum?
Which dim sum is your favorite?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!

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  1. I haven't heard of this place but the food sure looks good, dear! Happy weekend! xoxo




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